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The characteristics for cylindrical grinding machine:
     This cylindrical grinding machine is newly designed and improved base on originalФ200 cylindrical grinding machine, it's mainly used to grind the excircle and bore of cylinder-shaped and cone-shaped subject, it can also be used to grind axial end face.
     The workbench for this grinding machine can vertically move by hydraulic pressure or hand movement. The grinding carriage and headstock can rotate, the principal axis for headstock can also rotate, microfeed can be applied on grinding carriage also. The hydraulic system adopts volute pump which is of low noise and stable feeding.

Max.dinameter to be ground mm 200
Min.diameter to be ground mm 8
Max.length to be ground mm 520/750
Heingh of center mm 125
DIstance between center mm 550/750
DIstance between center kg 50
Max.longitudinal trvel mm 600/800
Max.langle of swivel 0 +90+70
Hydraulic traverse speed m/min 0.01-4
Traverse per tuan of handweel mm/s 6
Spindle speed r/min 60、85、230、170、460
Taper of headstok center Morse No.3
Dia.of headstor chuck mm 125
TAILSTOCK Taper of  tailstock center Morse No.3
Stroke of center sleeve mm 25
Rapod tranel of sheelhead mm 20
Traverse per tuan of handheel mm 1
Speed of wheelhead spindle r/min 2230
Traverse of wheelhead mm 150
Diameter of grinding wheel mm 400
Width of grinding wheel mm 40
Total capacity of motors (520mm,750mm) kw 5.2
Overall dimension of the machine (L*W*H) (520mm,750mm) mm 2000*1420*1600 2700*1420*1600
Weight of the machine (520mm,750mm) kg 2300/2500
1.Coolant tank 1set 8.Flat belt 2pieces
2.Grinding wheel dresser 1set 9.Levelling wedge (fulcrum base ) 3pieces
3.Wheel balancing stand 1set 10.Unlock nut 1pieces
4.Center 1set 11.Wheel fixers 1set
5.Haif Center 1set 12.Quill shaft for internal ginding 1set
6.V belt 1set 13.Hex socket wrench 1set
7.poly-V belt 2pieces    
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